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    Jennifer O'Sullivan

    improvisor, producer, director

  • Makes things up. Makes things happen.

    Jennifer O'Sullivan is an award-winning performer and producer in Wellington, NZ with a long history of making things up as she goes along. As an improv teacher she has travelled nationally and internationally, helping improvisors become fearless and work naturally on stage. As a performer she has been in countless shows (mostly improvised) with many different companies, including Awkward Threesome (Tastiest Show NZ Fringe 2016) and many more. With many current projects including live theatre, workshops, mentorship and more, she is an active and sought-after member of the Wellington Arts scene, and holds a Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice) at Victoria University of Wellington. Jennifer is represented by The Pro Actors.


    “Played with impressive skill”
    “An absolute joy to work with”

    "Holds her own with her sheer charm"


    Please note: Jennifer is on maternity leave until April 2024.